Posted on: October 27, 2009 7:25 pm

ROY Is Not Blake Griffin's Award To Run With

Griffin is the overwhelming preseason favorite to win the Rookie of the Year award. But several teammates of these players think like-wise and, I do too.

I think these guy's will have something to say about that!

1. Tyreke Evans
Team: Kings
Position: SG or PG

Tyreke Evans was man-handleing guy's in the pre-season and with the regular season right around the corner look for him to do more of that. If im the Grizzlies front office im stabbing my self in the heart right now. And, not to mention he almost got passed by the Kings because there was alot of them talking about snatching up Ricky Rubio.  Evans will silence that doubt and make any other team's pay for passing on him. IMO he will revolutionize the new PG's of the next decade. With him playing along-side young stud Kevin Martin he will be bound for a great season.

2. Brandon Jennings
Team: Bucks
Position: PG

Can anyone say sports center's official poster guy for they're top 10 play's. Dude is a high light reel waiting happen. No one is in this guy's way for being a monster this year. No Ramone Sessions or Charlie Villanueva. It will be just him and Andrew Bogut running this Bucks show. I know everyone think's it was controversal for him showing up late at the draft but he had a reason and he will make people forget about that with a huge rookie year. This is this guy's team. 

3. DeMar DeRozan
Team: Raptors
Position: SG

If this guy has the chance, he has the ability to put up good number's. He is the Raptors only real option at SG. He is going to start from day 1 IMO and be productive. Yes he will be playing with star's Chris Bosh and Hedo Turkoglu and will need to be on his game because those guy's are vet's who are starving to be winner's. He has the chance to be the next Vince Carter if his coach's and teammate's let him be.

4. James Harden 
Team: Thunder
Position: SG

At 6-foot-5 220 he cause's maych-up problem's for smaller guard's. He is a very stricky left-handed shooter and, can put up big number's night in and night out. Similar to teammates Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook, Harden is an upbeat young talent willing to spend hours in the gym to improve. IMO if this team had a post presence they could be play-off contender's. Thunder fans, can you guy's say "Chris Bosh"?!

5. Stephen Curry
Team: Warriors
Position: PG or SG

This team focuses offense. But with no team chemistry at all, he will have to make his own on the Warriors. I know he will be a star on this team though. He has all the tool's to be successful on this team. He has a pure score mentallity. He will have to become mature fast and have no  room for error. If he does not start strong I think he will find his way by the all-star break. He is on his way to greatness in this offense.

Shore you have a guy by the name of Johnny Flynn but Ramone Sessions will be the starter.


I don't understand why experts called this year's draft class one of the weakest ever. I think this will be among the best rookie classes in recent memory, so much talent in this year's class.

I think it will come down between Harden and Jennings though. Evans assist to turnover numbers at PG will hurt him this season, espescially if hes expected to create for the starters rather than score. Harden and Jennings are taking on more of a scoring burden for their teams which will keep both among the top of the list.

I have a sleeper candidate a lot of people may not expect to actually contend, but recent moves suggest is being given an ample chance. That player is Marcus Thornton of the New Orleans Hornets. An impressive but highly overlooked player due to his size and lack of notability coming from a Juco to LSU. If hes starting by November, he very well could be in the mix.

This conversation will be up all year and, with the regular season just a couple of day's way this guy's will lase up they're shoes and get to action.

Posted on: September 10, 2009 8:08 pm

PURE shooters:Top 25

There are many elite shooter's in the N.B.A. but only the best of the best can make my list.These guy's are flat out shooter's.They are nightmare's to defender's who guard them beyond the ark.Most of them can make a game-winning three.They shoot a high-percentage from the field.But most importantly,they can wet it in a defender's face.

1.  Ray Allen

2.  Richard Hamilton

3.  Danny Granger

4.  Rashard Lewis

5.  Hedo Turkoglu

6.  Michael Redd

7.  Kobe Bryant

8.  Chauncey Billups

9.  Rudy Gay

10.  Kevin Martin

11.  Ben Gordon

12.  Jason Kapono

13.  Peja Stojakovic

14.  Kyle Korver

15.  Steve Nash

16.  Jason Richardson

17.  Mike Bibby

18.  Mehmet Okur

19.  Al Harrington

20.  Eddie House

21.  Jamal Crawford

22.  Stephen Jackson

23.  J.J. Reddick

24.  Nate Robinson

25.  Jameer Nelson

I know many of you will say that Kobe Bryant or Rudy Gay does not belong on this list.But why?Kobe and Gay shoots way better than half of these guy's on this list.They shoot light's out night in and night out.You don't only have to shoot to be a pure shooter.

Tell me who you think I left out? 

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